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Matrimonial & Family Law

Our lawyers are highly experienced in handling issues relating to family and matrimonial law which are often sensitive and delicate in nature. We believe in giving sound and practical advice to our clients so that they are clear of their rights in the matter and are hence able to make informed and educated decisions on these issues which are so close to their hearts.


We have represented clients in a broad range of divorce related matters such as child and spousal maintenance, highly contested custody hearings, cross border applications for child custody and disputes relating to the settling and dividing of assets acquired during the marriage. As regards the latter, we have successfully assisted clients in tracing assets and obtaining disclosure of all assets for a proper order to be made on division of assets.


Our areas of expertise include:


  • Adoption

  • Divorce 

  • Division of Matrimonial Assets and Asset Tracing

  • Child Custody & Child Support /Arrears Claim

  • Maintenance / Enforcement of Maintenance Orders 

  • Personal Protection Orders / Expedited Personal Protection Orders

Audrey Teoh
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