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Wills, Probate & Estate Administration

We assist clients with the estate planning on a local, and where necessary, multi-jurisdictional basis. We recognise that every client’s situation is unique and will hence invest the time necessary to get to know our clients, paying particular attention to the nature of their assets, family dynamics, desires, and objectives. We keep up with the many estate planning structures available so that we will always be able to advise our clients on the most tax efficient and effective structures for estate planning, asset preservation and provision for minors & descendants.


Our lawyers also assist clients in probate and administration matters, such as obtaining the necessary grant of representation for the assets of the deceased to be distributed to the beneficiaries of the estate. We have also represented clients in numerous estate matters, whether contentious or non-contentious.


Our areas of expertise include:


  • Drafting of Wills

  • Probate & Letters of Administration

  • Inheritance disputes

Our Firm is able to assist in the following matters:


  • Deed Poll (name change)

  • Power of Attorney (HDB/private properties; general powers)

  • Notarial services (including authentication and legalization at SAL, MFA and the embassies)

  • Commissioning services 

Audrey Teoh
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