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Our Employment Practice provides comprehensive advisory services relating to employment issues, representation in employment disputes and preparation of employment related legal documents. We deal with all aspects of employment law and our clients include SMEs and MNCs as well as employees in specialist fields across a broad range of industries.


The expertise of our Employment Practice includes:

  • Drafting standard and specialised employment contracts

  • Setting up employee share option schemes

  • Advising on employment laws and regulations, tax and provident fund issues as well as the processing of Permanent Residency Visas, Employment Passes (including S Passes, Personalised Employment Passes (PEPs) and EntrePasses), Work Permits, Dependency and Student Visas.

  • Advising on employment issues arising in relation to business mergers and restructuring.

  • Representing clients in employment-related disputes in mediation and/or courts.


With regard to dispute resolution, we have substantial experience representing both employers and employees in the resolution of employment disputes, particularly in the areas of post-employment restrictive covenants i.e. restraint of trade clauses, use of trade secrets and confidential information, breach of fiduciary and fidelity duties of directors and senior management as well as unlawful interference in employee, supplier or customer contracts. 

Ong Sing Huat
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